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Tired of your usual poker game?

Atlanta Flops is your Atlanta poker game liaison. We have been hosting and playing in private games since 2010 so we know what separates games worth recommending from the rest.

Before we endorse a game, we send someone we trust to play there to verify that the game is professionally-run and safe. We also make sure the game starts on time and that it doesn't run short-handed all night. If we get enough negative feedback about a game, we stop recommending it.

So unlike other game listing websites or Craigslist, you can be sure that the games listed on Atlanta Flops match their descriptions and are safe. We love poker and it's important to us that there is a vibrant poker scene in Atlanta.

Current Games

  • 1/3 NLHE

    Mon, Thu and Fri starting at 7 PM

  • 1/3 PLO
    Morningside/Lennox Park

    Tue and Thu starting at 730 PM

  • Online
    PPPoker App

    24/7 action ranging from 20c/40c to $5/$10. NLHE, PLO and MTTs

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