How To Set Up PPPoker

  • 1
    Download the PPPoker app

    The app is available on iPhone, Android and Windows. You can download it from the link below
  • 2
    Create a PPPoker account

    The first screen you will see when you start the app will look like this. Enter a log in name (this will NOT be the name displayed at the tables - we recommend using your email address) and a password and click 'Register'

    Please remember your log in details. We will NOT be able to help you if you forget it!

  • 3
    Create a player name

    Click profile

    Enter a clever nickname

  • 4
    Know your account identity

    The name under your avatar is your player name. The number under that is your player ID number

  • 4
    How to join a club

    Click the spade icon to return to the main app lobby

    Click the 'Join' button (if you are already in a club, click the magnifying glass)

    Enter 17568 for the club code and 1912585 for the agent code unless you were told to enter a different agent code

    Return to the main join page and start with step 2